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Union Calls off Go-Slow

Health Workers Union in Vihiga County has called off the go-slow by health workers that had paralysed health services in a few health facilities. A deal to end the go slow was reached after a closed door meeting between the union officials, deputy governor Dr.Patrick Saisi and Chief Officer of medical services Dr.Arnold Mamadi.

While addressing the press, Kenya National Union of Nurses chairman Zaddock Miheso urged county government to remain committed to deliberations made between parties involved. Union secretary general Wycliffe Alumasa called upon health workers to resume work so as to ease crippled operations in these sector.

Vihiga deputy governor Dr. Patrick said county government is committed to paying salaries within stipulated time frame.


Vihiga Deputy Governor Dr.Patrick Saisi on Women Empowerment

Vihiga Deputy Governor Dr.Patrick Saisi attended the Hamisi Women In Leadership Lobby fundraising at Hamisi grounds, Gisambai ward on Friday 7th September 2018.

In the ceremony that was presided over by Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka as the Chief Guest, the lobby’s founder Margret Mbuni stated that her main reason of forming the organization was to propagate women's aggressiveness towards leadership stating that since its inauguration in 2017, the CBO has managed to establish 80 groups across all wards in Hamisi sub county.

While addressing the crowd, Deputy Governor Dr. Saisi congratulated Mbuni for the great initiative citing that it will open avenues of development for the women in the county. He also urged leaders to accept positive criticism and embrace freedom of association. In his remarks, Senate speaker Kenneth Lusaka called for Luhya unity that will not only unite western people, but also boost their economy.

A total of Kshs. 1,708,315 to aid in purchasing a bus that will promote transport business for the CBO.


FAO Scoping Mission to Vihiga County

H.E. The Governor Vihiga County, Dr Wilber Ottichilo today held a debrief meeting with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in his office. The FAO team has been in the county for two days on a technical scoping mission of the county GIS needs, Environment management land registry and Agriculture and food security capacity intended to inform the need of the county and the level of investment from FAO.

This is a follow up and actualization of pronouncements made by FAO during the investment conference. Delivery of outputs are planned for October 2018.

This is the third meeting held after the conclusion of the 1st Vihiga County Investment Conference and FAO is the first investment partner to follow and fulfil their investment interest in Vihiga county.

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