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Vihiga governor Dr Wilber Ottichilo says he will establish agricultural training centres to educate farmers on new farming methods.Ottichilo said that this was part of strategies he will put in place to boost food production in the county.

He added that food production by farmers were below the demand forcing residents to rely on food from neighbouring counties to fill the deficit. He explained that dairy farming, fisheries and agriculture will be given priority to enable farmers acquire new practical farming skills.


Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo has today unveiled the County Integrated Development Plan(CIDP)portal at The Broad Park Hotel in Mbale.

The County boss said that the the CIDP portal will provide an opportunity to the people of Vihiga County to prioritise areas for development. He said that most of the projects to be undertaken by his administration will be guided by the suggestions fronted by residents. Vihiga residents can propose projects that they feel are of priority on the portal at


To Ascertain the County staff establishment per all the departments decided by the public service board. Vihiga County Public Service Board chair Mrs Carolyne Enane has today assured county employees that the head count exercise set to start this Friday is not meant to sack them.

Speaking during a briefing on the same he added that the exercise that has been authorised by governor H.E Dr. Wilber Ottichilo is meant to define the county workforce status and not targeting to victimize any staff.


Vihiga county celebrated its rich cultural heritage in a week-long cultural festival held from 26th to 30th December, 2017.

The Vihiga County cultural exhibition kicked off with the Maragoli Cultural Festivals on 26th December at Mbale Municipal grounds, an event that was graced by the Governor and the top brass in the County's leadership. The event shared the Maragoli practices, indigenous foods traditionally prepared, traditional cooking practices, rites of passage and traditional medical remedies our forefathers had access to. On 27th of December, the Anyole cultural festival took place at Ebusakami primary school grounds in Luanda Sub County. The Anyole people showcased their unique culture highlighted through traditional music, marriage, games, food, medical remedies, rites of passage especially circumcision and warding against the evils of the world. The Festivals also educated on the respect that was accorded to the elders coupled with the warriors full regalia and their unique standing in the community. The highlight of the ceremony was when Luanda constituency member of parliament, Hon. Chris Omulele an installed elder of the Anyole community acknowledged the Governor as his senior and accorded him the respect of an elder by giving the Governor a shield and spear to symbolize his ascension as a warrior and leader of the Anyole people.

The Tiriki Cultural Festival that took place at Hamisi grounds saw the installation of the Governor and his deputy as Tiriki elders. The Tiriki elders and young men and women shared the unique music and dance of the Tiriki people, a little peak into the Unique ITUMII Practice (circumcision - rite of passage) that is unique among the Tiriki People.

The final showcase of Vihiga County cultural heritage, Terik Cultural Festival, went down on 30th December, 2017 at Kapchemgung Primary school grounds. The festival brought out the Terik prayer rituals, their historical background and rich cultural practices and foods. The festival was also used to acknowledge key figures in the community who have besides excelling academically put the minority group on the Kenyan map. In 2018, the County Government of Vihiga will organize Vihiga County Cultural Festival from 24th-27th December, that will bring all these cultures into one major festival extravaganza. The cultural exhibitions will begin from the 25 wards of Vihiga county culminating into the final mega festival on 27th December.