Mission Statement

It is now time to bring the big dreams for Vihiga County into a reality. The office of the governor is tasked with an overall administrative duty for the whole county in the devolved units.
Our service delivery to the people of Vihiga will be guided by our core values that include:

Apart from that, we have formulated our Vision which is: To create a free, secure, just and prosperous County with a strong and highly skilled Human Resource that will spur industrial
growth for economic empowerment. By the end of our term, we want our Mission: To enhance productivity and empowerment in order to achieve Self-sustenance and respect for the
people of Vihiga County, to be fully realised. I acknowledge the wanting poverty levels that stand at 62 percent in the county and the rate of unemployment (67 percent) that has
plagued our people. It is my task now to look for avenues and friends of goodwill who will help us in balancing of cheques and bringing service delivery as a reality.

To overcome unemployment, I am going to work hard in creating opportunities especially for the youth so that they can be able to sustain their lives with ease. I am going to embark on
developing the infrastructure in the region, improve the healthcare and thoroughly boost education to equip the county with skilled human resource.

The attention given to Education in the county will never be the same again. Having held dialogue with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, they have agreed to start a
constituent college at Kaimosi. This will help in nurturing home-grown talent. Kaimosi will consequently be made into a fully fledged university in the long run.

By having a university in the county, our children will access education easily and thus we will not need to travel far in the search for acquisition of higher education facilities. We are in
plans to construct a referral hospital in the county, particularly at Mbale to help in the fight against recurrent diseases. Already, the Kenya Medical Training College has approved the
Mbale Rural Medical Training Centre into a fully fledged medical college. The first batch of students is expected to report any time from now. Over the years, we have relied on other
hospitals and we cannot continue relying on that trend for provision of even the very basic treatment when we have the capacity and the resources to build one of our own.
By promoting healthcare, the county’s leadership will be investing in the future and helping in sustaining the Millennium Development Goals. If at all proper healthcare will be given
first priority, then there is a possibility that human resource will be higher. Leading a sickly nation can be hard, but if the people are healthy, then one is always at peace to execute his
duties appropriately.

We will also work handy on the infrastructure in the county to tarmac most of the feeder roads to ease mobility and make the various markets easily accessible. On the glaring challenges,
I am a proficient communicator who seeks to pursue professionalism, develop resources and enhance community livelihoods and advancement through a participatory leadership style.
I will work to encourage the unique brilliance and innate potential that exists in every individual in the county.

Although challenges abound aplenty, I am much more prepared to tackle them and make sure that I make the county one of the best performers in the country when we are rated. As per the
situation on the ground, many youths resort to a massive exodus from the county immediately they clear their studies at whatever level and head to other towns in the country in search
of better jobs. We will work on encouraging them to invest in their county. My government’s first task therefore will be to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and make sure that the county
can be able to feed its populace.



The Governor giving speech



Improvement on health sector by introduction of Ambulances


Contruction of roads

Several Roads have been constructed in Vihiga County