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Roles of The County Assembly

The Assembly is one key body of the county Government. Its leadership is made up of: Speaker, Leader of Majority, Leader of Minority, Deputy Speaker and Chief Whips. Vihiga County Assembly is of its kind it is composed of 40 members, 25 elected and 15 nominated. A total of 21 committees have been formed namely: Justice and Legal Affairs, Early childhood and Vocational Training, Health, Agriculture and Environment, implementation of transport and infrastructure, Budget and appropriation, environment and Natural Resources, Education and Public investments and Accounts committees. Others include: Children, Culture and Community, Committee on Selection, Powers and Privilege, Appointments, Delegation Legislation, Rules and Procedure, House Business, Liaison, Planning Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare and Adhoc Committees. The assembly has been very vibrant in performing due roles of legislation various bills have been passed which include: Appropriation Bill 2013, Vihiga County Assembly Service Board2013, Vihiga County Education Bill 2014. Hon Josephat Musambayi, the clerk, being secretary of the County Assembly Service Board and secretary of County Clerks Forum has managed to propel various committees, a complex with a modern chamber and construction of speaker clerk’s residence. A year on, the Assembly prides it’s self in many objectives that it has achieved so far. These objectives include: approval of County Assembly Service Board, setting up structures within the Assembly and the County Executive committee. The Assembly approved the budget on time. Strides in networking with various stakeholders and so far have a personal MOU with USAID to help in capacity building of the members. All this was achieved through focus, integrity, sacrifice, sheer hard work and goodwill spirit amongst the team. On oversight roles, the assembly ousted four county ministers out of office due to their improper conduct while they were in office. A special committee to oversee that the contractors are paid their dues was formed and report was consequently tabled and adopted by MCAS and subsequently handed over to the Governor. The assembly has had various educational trips to neighbouring countries like Uganda, Tanzania and in return the Uganda Parliament also paid the assembly a visit making vihiga a model consultation avenue to other assemblies. The speaker is the western Region Counties Chairman whereas the clerk is the secretary to the County Clerks Forum. In terms of staffing the CASB has recruited 88 new staff that went through a rigorous competitive interview process