The Vihiga county government debt is largely owed to contractors and service providers. This largely guided the need for a meeting between the new government and the Vihiga County Contractors association (VICOA) to discuss way forward with regard to the settlement of these debts amounting to over a billion shillings.

The healthy engagement between the two parties discussed future rules of engagement by the county government and the contractors to foster transparency and an above board way of transacting business.

The governor and the VICOA upheld the necessity to have and audit query over the credibility of the pending bills to ascertain the total amount before any payment done. This was aimed at ensuring that the county government does not waste public resources paying money to non existing pending bills.

The meeting also agreed that awarding tenders to contractors should be streamlined to ensure that the exercise was free and fair.The contractors suggested that 70 percent of the contracts should be awarded to locals to eliminate economic flight hence foster economic growth in the region.

They noted that payments to contractors upon completion of works should be guided by rules and regulations of engagement and should follow the right procedures as is highlighted in the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015.

The Procurement process in vihiga county will be streamlined, with the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) guiding all the upcoming projects.

VICOA future engagements with the county government will be guided by the following principles; transparency, Quality work and Capacity building for the especially the youth of Vihiga County.