Climate Change Mitigation

Barely a few days after the inauguration of The Vihiga County Climate Change Fund Planning Committee, Vihiga County is set to benefit from financially locally-led climate change action (FLLOCA) program kitty marned by the World Bank and National Treasury.

Today, The Vihiga Governor HE. Dr. Wilber Ottichilo held a consultative assessment readiness meeting with a program coordinator for FLLOCA Mr. Peter Odhengo, program manager Dr. Maurice Pedo and a representation from CoG Mrs. Eunice Fedha. The assessment aimed at evaluating the County’s preparedness towards accessing the Climate Change funds, starting from March, 2020. The funds will be used towards mitigating the impacts of climate change in all the wards in the County.

The enactment of The Vihiga County Climate Change Fund Act, 2019, The Vihiga County Climate Change Fund Policy, 2019, The Vihiga County Climate Change Fund Regulations, 2019, The Vihiga County Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2025, Establishment of the Climate Change Directorate, are some of the key achievements of the County, enhancing the chances of accessing the funds in the first phase of dispensation.

The County government through Environment, Water, Energy and Natural Resources is currently in the process of setting up Governance Structures which include The County Steering Committee, The County Climate Change Planning Committee and Ward Climate Change Committees that are aimed at strengthening the County and Local community initiatives to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“When I was a member of parliament I tabled Climate Change bill in 2013, which was enacted into law in 2016. We want to bring climate change aspirations to the locals for me it’s a very important program” Dr. Wilber Ottichilo.

Also in attendance, were The County Secretary Mr. Ezekiel Ayiego, Chair of County Assembly for Environment Hon.Vincent Atsiaya, Chief Officer for Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Dr. Richard Boiyo and his counterpart for Water and Sanitation Mr. Clement Manyulu, County Director for Environment (NEMA) Mr. Hesbon Monda and the Climate Change Unit (Alice Musuluve, Vera Muliro and Karani Chinzia).

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