Roles of The County Assembly

County Assembly Structure

The County Assembly is the legislative arm of the County Government. Its leadership is made up of:

  • The Speaker
  • Deputy Speaker
  • Leader of Majority
  • Leader of Minority and
  • Chief Whips

Vihiga County Assembly is composed of 40 members, 25 elected and 15 nominated. A total of 21 committees have been formed namely:

  • Justice and Legal Affairs
  • Early childhood and Vocational Training
  • Health
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Implementation of transport and infrastructure
  • Budget and appropriation
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Education and Public investments and Accounts committees.
  • Children
  • Culture and Community
  • Committee on Selection
  • Powers and Privilege
  • Appointments
  • Delegation Legislation
  • Rules and Procedure
  • House Business
  • Liaison
  • Planning Trade
  • Tourism & Cooperatives
  • Labour and Social Welfare and
  • Ad hoc Committees

The assembly has been very vibrant in discharging their legislative mandate. The bills that have been passed by the first county assembly include:

  • Appropriation Bill 2013
  • Vihiga County Assembly Service Board 2013
  • Vihiga County Education Bill 2014.

The County Assembly is constitutionally mandated to execute the following functions:

  1. The county assembly vets and approves nominees to hold county public office i.e. CECMs, COs, County Public Service Board (CPSB) members, County Assembly Clerk.
  2. Legislature; make laws that enable the county government execute its mandate effectively.
    The county assembly also Oversights the county executive organs. The county assembly can also receive and approve plans and policies for the: – Management and exploitation of county resources; and
  3. Development and management of its infrastructure and institutions.
  4. Approve the budget and expenditure of the county government.
  5. Authorize any allocation and expenditure of the county government
  6. Approve borrowing by the county government
  7. Approve county development plan:
    – CIDP – five-year plan
    – County sectoral plans – ten-year plan
    – County spatial plan – ten-year plan; and
  8. Cities and urban areas plan (City or municipal Plans) under the Urban Areas and Cities Act. Perform any other roles and duties as may be set out under the constitution.

County Assembly

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