Ebusiralo Vocational Training Centre


Ebusiralo Vocational training center is a public institution and is situated in Ebusiralo Sub-Location, Luanda Township Location, and Luanda Sub-County in Vihiga County. The institution was established in 2008 by the community under the sponsorship of Church of God

Spiritual Nourishment

There is an active chaplain who gives guidance and prayers to trainees every Friday morning assembly, teaching staff and support staff. There is active Christian union in the institution.

NITA Examination Results

The institution currently offers NITA Examination to trainees from Grade III – I yearly. Last year August 2016, four trainees sat for Grade II and I exams and passed. In December 2016, 15 trainees sat for Grade III Nita exams, 13 passed and 2 failed. Among them, 9 trainees were sponsored by KIDDP to do exams and all passed except one who failed. This year August 2017, two trainees registered for Grade I and II electrical exams and passed. This year also the institution managed to register 28 trainees for Grade III and will sit for exams in December.


1) The institution has one permanent workshop cum classes that is shared with Garment making, Hair dressing, MVM and ICT department.

2) There is one incomplete workshop which is shared with electrical class, masonry and welding classes.

3) Carpentry is done under the tree.

4) There is pit-latrine for trainees and instructors but ther is need for more sanitation facilities as the available is inadequate for the growing population.

5) There is a dilapidated office which had been condemned by public health officer last year.

6) There is ongoing construction in the institution of an administration office and a twin work shop, which is at lintel sponsored by Kenya Italy Debt Development programme (KIDDP)


1) Motor vehicle mechanics

2) Building technology(masonry and carpentry)

3) Garment making/fashion design

4) Information communication technology (ICT) / computer packages

5) Welding and fabrication

6) Hair dressing and beauty therapy

7) Electrical and electronic technology

8) Plumbing.


1) There is a County Government MVM workshop which is nearing completion.

2) There is ongoing construction of an Administration office and a twin workshop sponsored by Kenya Italy Debt Development programme (KIDDP), which is at lintel.


1) The County Government managed to deploy MVM and Masonry instructors to the institution.

2) Two instructors employed on a one-year contract and deployed in the institution.

3) Two trainees taking Electrical course did grade II and I respectively and passed.

4) The institution has managed to register 28 trainees for Grade III exams as opposed to 15 trainees last year 2016.

5) There is an ongoing construction of an administration office and a twin workshop sponsored by Kenya Italy Debt Development programme (KIDDP)

Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training

The county government has continued to expand space for people to enjoy their rights, liberties and responsibilities. This has been witnessed in public participation in various programmes especially in the realm of education.

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