Gamande Vocational Training Centre


Gamande Vocational Training Centre was established in the year 2014 by Gamande Pentecostal Assembly of God (PAG) church. A building had been put up on church compound in the year 2010 by councilor Madeshe after he had received money by then County Council Government of Vihiga .The church elder Mr.Elam Kugo in collaboration with administrators and local leaders to request the building be used as a Youth Training centre. Gamande village is well known for basket weaving.

The vocational training centre is located in Jepkoyai Location, Kapchemgung sub location Gamande village..Found near St.Anns Girls Secondary School outskirts of Gisambai, Majengo road. The institution operated for two years and it collapsed due to lack of financial support from the County Government. The whole of 2016 the polytechnic remained closed and the year 2017 it revived again despite numerous challenges existing from boundary between Givole , Kapchemgung sub locations and local residents over road allocation. The church has accepted to donate part of its land to the polytechnic and plans are underway for title deed separation

Way Forward

It is my humble request to the county government of vihiga, department of science and technology to step in and assist the only polytechnic in Jepkoyai Ward.


End of the year 2015,the polytechnic presented 16 trainees in various trades for national government trade tests Grade III. Fourteen (14) passed and two (2) failed. Certificates are offered by NITA the examining body.


1) Institution is not registered.

2) Luck of buildings for workshops.

3) Land is inadequate.

4) Unpaid salary top up for BOM staff.

5) No toilets.

6) Tools and equipments are lucking.

7) No office.

8) Tables, chairs and desks are not available.

9) Window glasses on the only building are broken.

10) The institution has never received any financial support from the county government.


1) The institution has revived again after it had collapsed.

2) Trainees have been enrolled.

3) Interim board of management has been put in place.

4) Electricity has been connected.

5) One instructor on one year contract by public service board.

5) Three instructors on BOM terms


1) Fashion and design technology.

2) Electrical and electronic technology.

3) Motor vehicle mechanics technology.

4) Building construction technology.


1) In the year 2017 the manager has installed electricity to the institution using his own money.

2) The manager has acquired area location map to be used by the institution during land demarcation.

Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training

The county government has continued to expand space for people to enjoy their rights, liberties and responsibilities. This has been witnessed in public participation in various programmes especially in the realm of education.

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