Kaimosi Vocational Training Centre


Kaimosi Friends Vocational Training Centre (Formerly Kaimosi Youth Polytechnic was started in 1983. The institution was a church based managed by E.A.Y.M whose core mandate was to provide technical skills within the surrounding community. The institution was taken over by the government in the year 2009 hence being a public institution.


1) Motor Vehicle Mechanics

2) Fashion Design and Garment Making

3) Electrical and Electronics Installation

4) Agribusiness Development

5) Food and Beverage

6) Appropriate carpentry & Joinery

7) Building &Construction

8) Hairdressing &Beauty Therapy

9) ICT(Information communication Technology)


The institution offers two categories of exams:

1) Kenya National Examination Council

2) National Industrial Training Examinations


Kaimosi Friends Vocational Training Centre is in the process of completing a school canteen which will be an Income generating Activity within the institution. We are also putting up a modern kitchen. The government did build 2 blocks of sanitary facilities for the institution.


We have introduced a higher level of education performance with regards to academic Excellency since this is the core mandate of V.T.C by offering those students who excelled in their KSCE exams a higher level of training (ARTISAN) in order to meet the modern demands of the market. We have also carried out clear branding which has increased the level of enrollment in the institution.

We have also introduced modern courses in line with the changing business trends .i.e Hairdresing and beauty therapy. Improved infrastructure i. e facilities which internally collect revenue within the institution Put all the subordinate staffs on N.H.I.F programme. Introduced craft course in Agribusiness development

Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training

The county government has continued to expand space for people to enjoy their rights, liberties and responsibilities. This has been witnessed in public participation in various programmes especially in the realm of education.

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