Lotego Vocational Training Centre


Our core objectives is We exist to help our trainees discover, establish, develop and strengthen the career of their choice by linking them to the right networks.

KNEC Oriented Courses

1) Building Construction Technology

2) Appropriate carpentry and joinery

3) Motor Vehicle Technology

4) Hair Dressing and Beauty Technology

5) Information Communication Technology

6) Metal Processing Technology

7) Agribusiness

8) Electrical and Electronics Technology

9) Fashion design

NITA Oriented Courses


2) Carpentry And Joinery

3) Motor Vehicle mechanics

4) Hair Dressing and Beauty Technology

5) Welding fabrication

6) Electrical wiring


Exam Bodies

1) Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC-NVCET)

2) National industrial training authority (NITA)

3) Internal (term) exam


For each of the courses, a detailed syllabus is covered under a unified modular training as provided by the ministry of education science and technology, department of TVET (previously education department). All courses are designed as two (2) year vocational training programmes. However each student has a choice between KNEC oriented and NITA oriented programmes. The coverage is practical oriented (60%) and classroom theoretical training (40%). Experienced tutors have been deployed to the institution with vast experience to help impart the training.

Course Entry

Students who may not have attained class eight may undertake proficiency course only (theory and practice in their respective trades). They then will have an option to take or not to take support subjects. On the other hand, students who have graduated with KCPE certificate and above take respective theory and practice plus six (6) support subjects i.e. math, communication skills, technical drawing, entrepreneurship education, life skills and computer packages (ICT).

Course Paths

1) Terminal proficiency (Grade Trade Test) – NITA

The trainee will upon completion of the 2year course sit for grade III NITA exam, then if she passes, proceeds to grade II, then finally grade I as a skilled operative (Fundi).

2) Progressive (parallel secondary) – KNEC oriented path

The KCPE graduate and up to KCSE graduate with mean grade D+ will take the progressive path which will enable the trainee progress through Artisan level, then craft, then diploma then technical degree etc.

Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training

The county government has continued to expand space for people to enjoy their rights, liberties and responsibilities. This has been witnessed in public participation in various programmes especially in the realm of education.

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