Education, Science and Technical Vocational Training

The county government has continued to expand space for people to enjoy their rights, liberties and responsibilities. This has been witnessed in public participation in various programmes especially in the realm of education. The county has mobilized its resources to set up Kaimosi University of Science and Technology .The University opens its doors to students in September 2014. Sh. 30 Million has been disbursed as bursary to bright and needy students both at secondary and at tertiary levels, to help retain them at school. The county has collaborated with the National and Chinese Governments on skill development in all polytechnics. Twin workshops are under construction at Karandini and kitulu polytechnics. The county government will be collaborating with NINGBO Polytechnic in china. To lay a firm foundation in early childhood development sector, the county has embarked on serious rehabilitation of ECDE centers. So far 18 ECDE centers are under construction, the county has also furnished 63 ECDE centers with new furniture. The strategy is to improve the learning environment by constructing and equipping ECDE classes fully. As regards ECDE teachers, a tentative programme to provide top up grants is in its final touches and 745 ECDE teachers and 117 youth polytechnic instructors will be given these grants. Arrangement is also in place to have all ECDE teachers joining college to undergo a start-up course in ICT. The strategy is to prepare teachers to handle children and introduce them to ICT at an early age. To improve enrolment and retention, the county intends to introduce feeding programme for all ECDE children. A number of bills are in place in readiness for enactment into laws.