County Government of Vihiga in partnership with Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU) and University Fund have entered a Memorandum of Understanding on establishment of a Center of Excellence for Climate Action and Research (CECARE) at Kaimosi Friends University which aims to serve as a hub for climate change- related activities, including research, capacity building and policy engagement.

Governor Wilber Khasilwa Ottichilo noted that the center will focus on capacity building through practical programs with direct impact to the community which will make CECARE a center of excellence globally.

Being an expert in climate change, Ottichilo pledged to donate the literature he has accumulated for over 30years to CECARE as a way of passing knowledge to the young generation.

To motivate the students, Governor Ottichilo will work with KAFU to come up with an annual award for students who excel in areas of climate change, environment and sustainable development.

Specifically, the Climate Change Centre shall exist to:

✅ Be a knowledge hub for training on Climate Change at different levels.

✅Develop and implement action-oriented community outreach programs for Climate Change Resilience, Adaptation and Mitigation

✅ Develop climate information services, Climate Change Action-based Research and Knowledge Exchange.

✅Promote climate-smart technology and innovations.

✅Promote the creation of green jobs and sustainable livelihoods in the region.

✅ Create a CECARE regional green observatory to support the green transition on jobs and skills across sectors and occupations in the region that will equip young learners with green transition skills, knowledge, and understanding.

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