Investment Opportunities

Areas of Investment within Vihiga County inludes the Following:

Road Network

– Gravel Roads ( Earth Roads / Unclassified Roads)
– Rehabilitation
– Opening of Virgin Roads
– Installation of access & cross culverts


-Foot Bridge
-Concrete Bridge
-Box Culvers
-River drifts

Upgrading of Lighting System

a. Solar (new technology)
– Solar floodlights
– Solar streetlights

b. Electrical Works
– Electrical Floodlight
– Electrical Streetlight


ICT Digital Villages – provide internet services at small centers and communicate with the government and especially paying for services

Environment, Water, Forestry and Natural Resources

New rural water projects

Installation, Drilling and equipping of boreholes

Rehabilitation, Augmentations and Expansions of existing water supplies

Explorations, drilling and equipping e. g deep walls

Development and rehabilitation of water point (springs and dug wells) and roof catchment projects

Investigation. Planning, design and implementation of public sanitation facilities

Land reclamation and degraded areas

Farm forest, community forests and increase in forest cover projects

Environmental protection projects