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Joy to Vihiga Traders as Governor Suspends Tax for 30 Days

Traders in Vihiga County will from today be exempted from paying tax for the next 30 days. This is according to Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo who spoke today while distributing hand washing equipment and soap to traders and bodaboda operators in Luanda market.

The initiative, which was done by the Ottichilo Action Team(OAT) under the patronage of the Governor aims at inculcating hand washing culture to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

In his address, Dr. Ottichilo stated that the county water bowser will continue providing free water services across the county on frequent basis. The county boss also urged residents to follow government directives in a bid to combat the COVID-19.

To effect the social distance rule, the governor said that traders will be organized one metre apart so as to balance between revenue generation and adhering to the Ministry of Health orders. ‘Wholesale distribution of foodstuffs will now be done at Mumboha stadium and only retailers shall be allowed in the market. This virus is a global pandemic and we can’t leave anything to chance ,’ Dr. Ottichilo directed.

The Governor requested the security team to apply minimum force while enforcing government regulations, especially during curfew hours.

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