Transport and Infrastructure

The department is tasked with development, management, rehabilitation and maintenance of Transport Network and infrastructure facilities. The critical ideas include road works, electrification, ICT, street lighting, firefighting, and parking. The bulk of the road network (862km) in the county falls under the unpaved status. The county has only 157km of paved roads and 20km of this is a highway currently under construction by KeNHA .We have formed a county roads technical committee comprising of roads agencies operating in the county such as KeRRA, KURA , CDF managers (Luanda ,Emuhaya, Vihiga , Hamisi and Sabatia),and Mudete Tea Factory among others . This committee is tasked with developing an integrated roads work plan for the county including all aspects of coordination, supervision and enforcement of envisaged standards. Our vision in the county is to increase paved roads by 50kmby the end of the five year plan period. In addition, the ministry will engage Kenya Roads Board and other development agencies on matters related to policy development, upgrading of roads to paved status, capacity development of the staff and contractors, and purchase of our own plant and machinery Electricity penetration in the county is rated at 7%. This implies that the majority of residents cannot access electric power under the existing distribution channels .A sum of Sh. 100 million has been allocated in this year’s budget, and with collaboration with strategic partners more residents and institutions will be electrified. The county’s ICT infrastructure is inadequate i.e. it is not networked either by Local Area Network, Wide Area Network 0r, to the internet service providers. This has impaired on good voice and data communication. The ministry is carrying out feasibility studies to identify suitable ICT infrastructure and solutions that will support automation of services in the County. The major urban centers namely Mbale, Luanda ,Chavakali ,Hamisi ,Majengo ,among others shall be modernized by, designating parking space, installing streetlights, availing firefighting services and constructing various social amenities . With these major infrastructural developments, we will be strategically positioned to achieve.

Sub Departments & Their Mandates

Sub Departments & Their Mandates
Opening and maintenance of rural roads, Construction of water access e. g. culverts and Construction of bridges for link purpose.

Control of fire policy and handling cases fire emergency and Installation of fire fighting equipments within the county buildings both public and private.

Service department for other ministries e.g Health, Maintenance of buildings and Construction of livelihood of Vihiga people.

Mission & Vision


To provide efficient Infrastructure, reliable energy, effective, and innovative science and technology for sustainable development.

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A lead provider of an efficient transport system, and well maintained Infrastructure, ICT and energy in a secure environment.

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County Executive Committee Member


Chief Officer