Finance and Economic Planning

Finance and Economic Planning is strategic and central to the County’s economic management to ensure proper budgetary and expenditure management of Resources. It is responsible for but not limited to formulating financial and economic policies and procedures; management of revenues, expenditures and borrowing by the county to ensure expenditure is within revenue collected to reduce borrowing and budget deficit; coordination of departments in preparation of county budgets; accounting, auditing, and procurement including receipting and accounting for county revenue, disbursement of funds, collection of taxes, cash and debt management. Corruption denies development valuable funds and therefore has not been tolerated within the County operations. One of the department’s priorities has been to work closely with the county executive in aligning the development plans and programs to ensure relevant uptake capacity of devolved funds. Key accomplishments by Treasury include preparation of the county budget that was consequently passed by the County Assembly that has seen the County rated as among the best in utilization of funds disbursed. Adequate measures are being put in place to improve on revenue collection to ensure that the county raises adequate funds to finance development activities.



County Executive Committee Member

Mr. Livingstone Imbayi

Chief Officer