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Health Workers Union in Vihiga County has called off the go-slow by health workers that had paralysed health services in a few health facilities. A deal to end the go slow was reached after a closed door meeting between the union officials, deputy governor Dr.Patrick Saisi and Chief Officer of medical services Dr.Arnold Mamadi.

While addressing the press,Kenya National Union of Nurses chairman Zaddock Miheso urged county government to remain committed to deliberations made between parties involved. Union secretary general Wycliffe Alumasa called upon health workers to resume work so as to ease crippled operations in these sector.

Vihiga deputy governor Dr. Patrick said county government is committed to paying salaries within stipulated time frame.

The following resolutions were made;

  1. The Salaries for August 2018 to be paid on or before Monday, 10th September, 2018.
  2. Subsequently, salaries be paid on or before the 5th of the following month.Should there be a delay or an anticipated delay, the County Government of Vihiga to issue notice to the staff giving the reasons for the delay and or anticipated delay and indicating clear timelines when the same shall be paid.
  3. The Department of Health to spearhead the implementation of the applicable SRC circulars on health workers and the Return to Work Formula signed by both levels of government.
  4. The unions to call off the go slow immediately and ask the members to resume their duty.
  5. There shall be no victimization of any form to staff who took part in the go slow.


H.E. The Governor Vihiga County, Dr Wilber Ottichilo today held a debrief meeting with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in his office.

The FAO team has been in the county for two days on a technical scoping mission of the county GIS needs, Environment management land registry and Agriculture and food security capacity intended to inform the need of the county and the level of investment from FAO.

This is a follow up and actualization of pronouncements made by FAO during the investment conference. Delivery of outputs are planned for October 2018.

This is the third meeting held after the conclusion of the 1st Vihiga County Investment Conference and FAO is the first investment partner to follow and fulfil their investment interest in Vihiga county.



Kakamega County Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya paid Governor Ottichilo a courtesy visit in his office to discuss development matters of mutual benefit to both Vihiga and Kakamega counties.

Being Oparanya's first visit to his office, he passed his congratulations to the Governor for having been elected the second Governor for Vihiga County.

The two Governors shared a lengthy discussion on how to strengthen healthcare in their counties. Kakamega county has a very successful maternal and child healthcare program, OparanyaCare. Vihiga County looks to borrow from our neighbors in its preparation of a similar program in Vihiga County dubbed OttichiloCare. As Vihiga County formulates the legislation that will guide OttichiloCare, there will be consultations with Kakamega to learn how they structured their legislation and how best to develop the Vihiga one.

Governor Ottichilo and Governor Oparanya also agreed to partner in the development and maintenance of road infrastructure along the two Counties' borders. The Governors have agreed to tarmack the Chavakali-Eregi-Bushiangala road. Vihiga county will tarmac 4Km on its end and Kakamega 9KM. The meeting explored strengthening the ties and collaboration among the 5 western belt Counties (Vihiga, Kakamega, Busia, Bungoma, Trans Nzoia) especially in trade; harmonized tax regimes across the region.

Governor Oparanya expressed great interest in Governor Ottichilo's GIS and satellite mapping experience in planning processes. As Vihiga County sets up its GIS department, Kakamega County will be looking to learn from Vihiga as they prepare to pick up the planning tool and actualize it in Kakamega. To that effect, Vihiga and Kakamega County Governments will sign an MoU formalizing the use of Kakamega County fire fighting equipment and personnel by Vihiga County. Kakamega County will share its equipment without exerting a commercial fee to the County Government of Vihiga. Vihiga will in turn meet the fuel costs and allowance of all personnel accompanying and operating the equipment if and when Vihiga is need of them.

Kakamega County Government has also agreed to allow Vihiga United FC the use of Bukhungu Stadium as its Home ground during this 2018 Kenya Premier league season. This was agreed during the Dr. Patrick Saisi's tour of the facility with Kakamega County Government CECM for Sport Robert Sumbi to discuss the arrangement. Vihiga and Kakamega Counties have a long history together having been joined together as one till 1992 as Kakamega District. As such, the two Governors are keen on fostering the consultative and cooperative ties between the two Counties.



The Vihiga county government debt is largely owed to contractors and service providers. This largely guided the need for a meeting between the new government and the Vihiga County Contractors association (VICOA) to discuss way forward with regard to the settlement of these debts amounting to over a billion shillings.